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The Heat is on…

The Heat is on…

Posted by Shelly Haley on 1st Jun 2020

The Heat is on, be sure to keep your baby cool and comfortable this summer.

Babies cannot tell us that they are hot or thirsty, so it is up to moms, dads and other caretakers to keep a careful watch for situations that can cause your baby to overheat. Babies and children are especially susceptible to heat stroke, experts says, because their core body temperature rises three to five times faster than that of an adult.

When you are outside with your baby this summer try and keep your baby dressed in loose light weight clothing with a wide brim sun hat. A versatile product to have in your diaper bag is  Aden + Anais’s 100% natural cotton muslin swaddles. They are known for their breathability and will keep your baby covered and comfortable this summer.

Keep your baby well hydrated by offering the bottle more often or by breast feeding a little more frequently. If your baby is eating solid food you can offer them water in a bottle or a sippy cup.

Some signs of overheating to watch for are sweating, damp hair, restlessness, rapid breathing and heat rash. If you notice that your baby is uncomfortable and is overheating, remove you babies clothing except for the diaper and gently wipe down your baby with a cool washcloth. Also, bring baby into a cool place with air-conditioning or a fan. If you feel that your baby is suffering from a heat stroke call 911.

Most important, enjoy the summer and create memorable moments with your family!