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Ask The Experts: Registering for my first boy - what do I need?

Ask The Experts: Registering for my first boy - what do I need?

8th Oct 2020

Q. I’m having my 3rd baby this winter and it will be my first boy. My friends want to throw me a little sprinkle since everything I own is pink! I already have all the gear I need, can you give me a refresher on what a newborn needs to have in their closet?

A. Each new baby does make you feel like they’re your first one, don’t they? When registering for your baby layette, convenience is the name of the game. We like to make sure our moms have enough in their newborn’s wardrobe that they can skip doing a load of laundry and opt for the nap instead when they need to!

To get yourself through the first few months, we recommend you arm yourself with 4 onsies and at least 2 gowns (you’ll thank us at 3 am) in size newborn. Be sure to throw in 2 newborn hats, they are important the first few weeks to keep your baby’s body temperature warm. We also always suggest grabbing a one month footie for that unexpected growth spurt! Before you know it, your baby will be ready for their three month old threads so you’ll need at least 4 onesies, just 1 gown and at least 4 three month old footies.

Make sure you’re ready for your baby’s first outings as well — three “dressy” outfits should do the trick, along with a sweater to keep in your diaper bag for those chilly restaurants, stores or walks around the block. Lastly, stock up on some 0-6 month old socks and you have all your basics set!