Nutrition expert and personal chef, Megan Haley, shares her famous energy boosting smoothie recipe with BC Babble!

Megan’s Super Simple Green Smoothie

used a lot of spirulina powder during my second trimester, when I became slightly anemic, because it is so high in iron and protein. Even better, the Vitamin C from the kale aids your body in absorbing the iron.

1 ripe banana, previously peeled and frozen

½ cup sliced cucumber (skin on)

¾ – 1 cup coconut (or other non-dairy) milk (less for thicker smoothie, more for thinner smoothie)

1 cup spinach or chopped kale

1 tsp spirulina powder


Spirulina is an extremely nutritious blue-green algae that’s high in B vitamins and minerals like iodine, beta-carotene, antioxidants, iron, and manganese. It’s also a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids – 1 Tablespoon boasts 4 g protein. Here’s the brand I prefer, Micro Ingredients USDA Organic Spirulina Powder


About Megan Haley: Megan is a private chef and health coach, specializing in pre and post natal nutrition and owner of Happy Belly, llc, as well as new mother to Tino (2 months)!


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