Create a Magnificent Layette …with a little time and a taste for all that is splendid you can create an unforgettable gift.

It is good to start with a theme; it can be as simple as a color or match it to the nursery theme that the parents have chosen already.

Be creative and choose a basket or container to present the layette in that could be used to organize the many items we need for our babies as they grow.

Monogram a blanket to add a personalize touch to your layette and be a keepsake that will be used over the years. Monogramming is also wonderful idea for the 2nd or 3rd baby in a family.

Choose a special footie with a matching hat and bib and that will be super soft and cute. One made from 100% cotton or organic cotton will be soft against the skin and comfy.

You can never have enough onesies! A side snap onesie is perfect for newborns so that you do not have to put it on and take off over their heads.

Add a plush toy or blankie for baby to snuggle with.

Last but not least…add in a gift card from a local eatery for the parents to go out or offer to babysit so they can have some alone time. Happy parents help to make a happy baby!

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