Baby Showers 101:

The excitement is overflowing! You’re expecting a baby and the world wants to celebrate with you. Simple right? Not exactly. Baby showers have come a long way to better reflect different personalities and situations. Whether you’re throwing your own, or someone is hosting for you, the TYPE of baby shower to have is still a big decision. Many moms have stepped outside the norm to find the type of party that right for them. Let us break down the different baby shower options out there for you with our Baby Showers 101…

Traditional Shower
A traditional baby shower focuses on the mother-to-be and is attended and thrown by the women in her life. What began as a gathering to pass down knowledge on childbirth, infant care and parenting has morphed into a full blown party complete with cake, cocktails and gifts to cover every aspect of the baby’s first few years!

Grandma Shower
Think it’s all about the mom? Think again. Now Grandmas are getting their own celebration, with friends and family there to mark the “2nd” most memorable event of their lives! By the time the party is over, Grandma is equipped to handle any babysitting assignments. The spirit of this event is lighthearted and meant to highlight the excitement felt when a grandchild is on the way by fellow grandmothers. Most often, the expectant mother isn’t even in attendance.

As adorable as it sounds, a sprinkle is a mini-shower thrown when a mother-to-be is having a baby years after having her first or, when a new gender is being thrown into the mix! The intention is to fill the holes, be it replacing out dated car seats and pack-n-plays or adding a little pink to an entirely blue existing wardrobe…

Meet and Greet
Meet and Greets (also known as Sip and Sees) are becoming more and more popular. Some soon-to-be parents just aren’t comfortable celebrating until the baby has been born, others prefer to be able to control the planning and details. This is the one party where the baby is in attendance. Co-ed or ladies only, this cocktail reception style party happens once the baby is old enough to be exposed to a crowd and helps eliminate all the post-birth visits new mom have to handle.

With so many great party options out there, your baby celebration is bound to be perfect for you.

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